Our History

From a small humble garage to an international wholesale distribution warehouse, JT International Distributors has always strived to be a leading innovator of quality horse tack and equipment. Since 1973, JTI has been hard at work building a family of brand names and product lines that are trusted by equestrians of all ages, disciplines, and experience levels.

Horse Products By Horse People

The JTI team is full of horse people like you! With over five hundred years of riding experience combined, our team members are involved in riding disciplines from trail riding to dressage, horse racing to pleasure, and so much more!

Calling upon their own first-hand experience and feedback from their equine communities, the product development team is continuously researching and developing new products and solutions to make riding safer, more competitive, more comfortable, more affordable, and most importantly more fun! This team works to stay on the cutting edge of equine technologies and trending designs which allows them to bring you functional and stylish new products each and every year.

The horse sense doesn't stop there though. Our sales team is at the ready to answer questions and guide you to the perfect product for you, your horse, or your store.

Dealers Worldwide

Your favorite JTI brands can be found east to west and north to south all over the globe. Our company makes it a priority to support all dealers big or small, so you can find our products at your local Mom & Pop tack store as well as your favorite large online dealer. Find and support your local Tough1 dealer through our online store locator here.

Explore Our Brands

More than just a blanket brand, Tough1 includes a wide range of horse tack, stable supplies, and decor items that are both fun and functional. These quality products are trusted by horse lovers of all ages, disciplines, and experience levels around the globe.

Expertly crafted Saddles and tack with the newest trending designs. This brand is built for western riders who demand to be seen both in the show pen and around the barn. No small details left out, from intricate tooling designs and sparkling embellishments. You won’t find a better balance between price and design than Silver Royal.

Made for the true working horseman, Royal King saddles and tack are designed for riders of all levels and disciplines. This brand is designed by equestrians and crafted by professionals with a focus on excellent quality, durability, and style. You can find equipment for ranch, barrel, pleasure, show, and more.

We understand horses can be expensive but your equipment doesn’t need to be. The King Series product line offers saddles and tack that have been quality crafted with the budget equestrian in mind without compromising function, comfort and safety. Suitable for all types of western riding, these products have value that just can’t be beat.

Created to tackle the Australian Outback, Australian saddles and tack have ever-growing popularity not only for endurance and trail riding but for training and cow work as well. This brand features reliable equipment with a focus on both horse and rider comfort and security for long hours in the saddle. These saddles are often found to have a great balance of Western saddle stability with English saddle mobility.

Reimagined in 2023, the Equitare brand embodies the perfect combination of function, style, and durability. Bridles and stirrups to saddles and accessories, you can find affordable English tack and equipment to get you through your next dressage test or over your next jump.