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What is California Prop 65?
Certain products we sell contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm...
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Therapy Products
What’s the best therapy to use on a swollen hock?
Using Tough1’s Ice Therapy Hock/Knee Wraps helps to reduce pain and reduce blood flow and circulation, thus slowing the inflammatory process when you’ve spotted swelling on your horse.
How long can my horse wear his ceramic-infused mesh sheet?
The Tough1 Refresh Mesh Sheet can be worn for 30-60 minutes prior to exercise and 30-60 minutes post-exercise to help warmup the horse’s body to melt away chronic stiffness.
Can I ride my horse while he’s wearing his magnetic therapy bell boots?
It is not recommended to use magnetic therapy while your horse is being ridden.
What’s the difference between the Ice Therapy Tendon Wrap and the Ice Boot?
The Tough1 Ice Therapy Tendon Wrap has gel ice cells that stay soft, even when frozen, allowing for a more pliable wrap.
When I remove my Refresh Ceramic-Infused Therapy Quick Wraps, I feel a lot of heat coming from the tendon. Is that OK?
The ceramic-infused fabric is meant to reflect your horse’s body heat back into his body through Far Infrared Rays.
Do I need to get my horse used to wearing his therapy gear?
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What is denier?
Denier is a measure of the strength or toughness of the outer shell of a blanket or sheet. This value is determined by...
What is (Poly) Fill?
Poly Fill or "weight" of a blanket determines the blanket's warmth. The poly fill is measured in grams...
What size blanket/sheet does my horse need?
To ensure correct fit you must measure your horse from center of chest to center of tail...
How do I clean my horse's blanket/sheet?
It's important to properly care for your horse's blanket and sheets to ensure longevity...
Can I waterproof my blanket/sheet?
Yes, you can waterproof your Tough1 Blankets and Sheets. Not all styles have the same waterproof properties...
How do I fit my horse's blanket/sheet?
There are many different locations where adjustments can be made on Tough1 blankets and sheets for proper fit...
Are Tough1 blankets and sheets waterproof?
We cannot guarantee that our blankets and sheets are 100% waterproof, 100% of the time. This is due to the nature of needing to allow some breathability for the blanket/sheet, thus preventing your horse from being a sweaty mess. We do caution that blankets worn in heavy rain and snow fall for extended periods of time will become damp eventually. We...
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How do I measure for a grazing muzzle?
To find the right fit for your horse, we recommend measuring with a cloth measuring tape for the circumference around your horse’s muzzle...
How do I introduce a grazing muzzle to my horse?
Like any new piece of training equipment, you want to start slow, be gentle, and have patience. Follow these three steps to be sure your horse's grazing muzzle experience is positive.
Do the Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzles have any safety features?
Yes! Our Muzzles feature a "Quick Grip" release strap at the crown. Read more to learn more about how it works...
Why should my horse wear a grazing muzzle?
While horses are built to consume forage at will some health and environmental conditions can complicate this free-choice approach. Horses that are...
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How do I convert my Western saddle measurement to English?
A good rule of thumb is that an English saddle seat size will run around two inches larger than a Western saddle’s seat. So, if you ride a 15” Western saddle, this would mean that you will likely need a 17” English saddle. Because this is not an exact calculation, we recommend that you should always measure and test the saddle&rsquo...
Is my saddle supposed to come with a rear cinch?
Not all Tough1 saddles are made with a matching rear cinch. If the saddle image shows a rear cinch, please be aware that all saddles with seat size 13" or smaller do not come with a rear cinch. 
What tack items are included in a saddle package?
Saddle package pieces vary with each saddle style and the pieces may vary in color and/or style from what is shown in the image due to the manufacturing process. Read through the saddle package to find a generic description of the included tack pieces. Most packages include a girth, saddle blanket, headstall and reins.
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Hay Nets & Feeders
How do I install my Hay Hoops Feeder?
Our Hay Hoops feeders are available in a few different styles. To install you'll want to first...
What hay net can I put on my Hay Hoop?
The Hay Hoops frame can accomodate a variety of hay net styles...
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How do I choose a bit for my horse?
Before choosing a bit you will want to learn the parts of a bit and materials bits are made from and what actions they apply....
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