Tough1 Sweet Iron 3-Piece Short Shank Gag Snaffle

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This short shank gag bit is made of sweet iron with stylish dot accents. The double-jointed snaffle mouthpiece is made of sweet iron and features a copper wrapped dogbone center. The sliding cheeks offer a gag action that can help lift and aid in bending and collection as well as speed rating. Includes removable curb chain. (Please note: sweet iron is designed to rust)
MSRP $55.88
5" mouthpiece, 7" cheek, 3 1/2" shank, 1" rein ring, 3 1/2" purchase, 1 1/2" x 1 1/8" gag ring, 1 1/2" slide, 1" headstall ring
The severity of a bit or hackamore is influenced by rein control of the rider and sensitivity of the horse. All riders should seek an equine professional that they trust when selecting a new bit, as every horse’s needs are unique.

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