Tough1 Farrier Chaps/Aprons

Looking to invest in your first pair of farrier chaps? Tough1 offers a variety of styles made from different materials, designed with many unique features, and available at a wide range of price points. 


  1. Material: Different materials offer different pros and cons. Leather is most common and provides the most durability from punctures/scraps. Nylon is lighterweight, more flexible, and more affordable.
  2. Fit/Adjustability: Consider the waist and leg strap closures, will these adjust to fit you properly? Are they easy to adjust as well as take on and off?
  3. Safety: Some chap styles are designd with a breakaway method for peace of mind. Also consider how much padding you want in the thigh depending your your type of work.
  4. Features: Efficiency is always top of mind. Be sure to consider the various pockets, loops, magnets, to helps keep your most used tools close at hand.

Professional Farrier Apron with Padded Back Support

Padded Back Support

Nail Magnet & Knife Pockets

Plastic Buckle Leg & Waist Closures

Breathable Padded Mesh Lining

JB Professional Farrier Apron

Hook-and-Loop Leg & Waist Closures

Knife Pockets & Hammer Loop

Adjustable Fit Straps

Suede & Smooth Leather

Premium Farrier Chaps

Deluxe Farrier Chaps

Farrier Apron

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